Business requests to exclude concessions from the scope of the bill to protect investors

President of RSPP Alexander Shokhin sent comments to the government bill on the protection of investment, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy Sergey Zhigareva. “Vedomosti” familiar with the copy of the document, its authenticity confirmed by a representative of the Union. In November the Shokhin has proposed to simplify the project so that it “was clear to the business and did not require the adoption of many implementing regulations”. Now the document is prepared for the second reading in the state Duma.

a Bill designed to secure conditions for investors, the Finance Ministry had developed more than a year. But after the introduction of the document to the state Duma, many investors (“Autobahn”, Sberbank, Gazprombank, etc.) opposed one of his points. In their opinion, the new rules should not apply to concessions and public-private partnerships (PPPs), otherwise many infrastructure projects can’t be started and already running will stop. Against this standard were in the letter and Shokhin. Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Ivanov has explained its emergence that the state should create conditions for investors, but not to guarantee them revenue, and said the law will be extended to new projects after a two-year transition period.

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