The Fans of the düsseldorf ice hockey club DEG have been allowed on the Friday before a week of fun. Ironically, during the Rome Derby against arch-rivals Kölner Haie, the pendant – including-dead-trousers-singer Campino and Bassist Andreas Meurer, a huge sticker of your club on the opponent’s team coach stuck.

So the people of Cologne had to go to the 4:3 defeat against düsseldorf bedröppelt back – with the Logo of the “enemy” on the roof. The more than a Meter wide foil velvet Emblem emblazoned afterwards for days unnoticed on the roof of the bus, to the düsseldorf made the Cologne club’s attention.

Campino and the dead pants during the prank The dead pants Comeback succeeded, Band overjoyed SpotOnNews

The action itself recorded on Video. It is seen, as the düsseldorf Fans, including the band members, in the cover of darkness to attach the giant Sticker on the roof of the bus. “Hold!”, you and grin and say into the camera.

Cologne sharks auctioned the stickers on Ebay

This action could allow the Cologne to sit down and have now themselves come up with something. Auction the sticker currently, for an exemplary purpose on Ebay. The proceeds will be used for the Junior ice hockey teams from both the Rhine cities. On Thursday, the highest bid came in at about 1600 Euro.

“So that the action had still in the end a sense, we are turning the thing now, for Good”, comment on the Cologne, the action on the auction platform Ebay. There is however one restriction: “is Used not as a decoration,” the Cologne on the withdrawal of the logo of the competitors with a diameter of around one Meter. “Can traces of use”, they wrote. Well, then everyone had his fun.

wlk with dpa