"It was a difficult situation for the organization." Jürgen Stock, Interpol secretary general, spoke to the press Thursday about the disappearance of his ex-president, the Chinese Meng Hongwei during a trip in China in late September. Ten...
From our correspondent in Jerusalem Oman, the Uae, Qatar and soon in Bahrain. Israel is the last several weeks of manoeuvring in the Gulf countries to make progress in the narrow way of...
The joy was short-lived. Asia Bibi, believed to be able to fly to Paris, London, Montreal, the Court of cassation, having pardoned on 31 October after eight years of waiting and two death sentences. But the nightmare...
Budapest November 20, Magyar Idök , a Hungarian newspaper close to the government - of which the scoops usually precede the announcements of the government - revealed that Nikola Gruevski, prime...
The minister for the Armed forces Florence Parly has lauded "an action-scale, complex, and daring that has allowed to neutralize one important detachment terrorist at the heart of which was probably one of the main assistants of...
Berlin - Siemens is planning research center, 600 million Euro cost of a new research center of Siemens in the capital. The group wants to make its historic site in Spandau, an innovative Campus. © Photo: Arne Immanuel Bänsch...
special envoy to Wilkes Barre Since November 8, 2016 in the evening, Lynette Villano, 72-year-old activist republican of the county of Luzerne, in the north-eastern Pennsylvania, is in seventh heaven: his hero, Donald...
Yes, Donald Trump has lost the House of representatives. It has also strengthened its position in the Senate. There was no "blue wave", but the u.s. president will have a margin of manoeuvre more limited during the...
Over the past 50 years, British citizens have experienced a tremendous shift in their relationship with their government. In contrast to previous eras of citizen-government relationship, today's citizens are more likely to encounter public services just as they need...
However, the court agreed that the right of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev to a fair trial was violated


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