… on our money

The man as provider is – sorry, dear millionaires – a discontinued model of the story. 58.8 percent of women in Germany, it is now no matter how much content flowing every month to his account, as long as the love is true.

According to a study by TNS Emnid, only 18.4 percent of women wish that their Partner earns a similar amount as you. And about as few are still hanging to the classical role of the image, after which the man is significantly more money home should bring – especially women over 50 years in the West of Germany.

… about our Auto

a sharp slide impression on women? Yes, and it’s this: researchers at the University of Wales in Cardiff put the same man in a Bentley Continental and a Ford Fiesta. The result: women found the man in the Bentley much more attractive.

… porn

In all, even in anonymous surveys, far fewer women than men admit to occasional porn viewing. Because they are not visually so easily excitable as men? No, look at explicit films, but more on the women than on the men’s bodies, while men are more likely to be interested in the opposite sex, as a study by the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University, took.

And this woman’s body are staged in the most porn to male desire criteria. “In porn are mostly men, to be implemented in fantasies that depict women as a sexual object,” says the cultural scientist Corinna Rückert. It would be different, would admit much more women are into Porn.

specifies That the blonde brings her car in the garage, the mechanics have to welcome a Blowjob, find women unsexy. “The pleasure of the woman should be the focus,” said Rückert. Once the blonde would have to be spoiled in the Film extensively. Just like in real life.

… about our hair

The full beard is back and the fashion bald okay with that ? Not in the sexual preferences of German women. We have found in the past year, self-and opinion research Institute Mafo.de a survey commissioned.

The majority of women (54 percent) found men accordingly with a smooth shaved face is the most attractive. Only a measly seven percent prefer the beard the traditional full. The only part of the body, the men a full MOP of hair is desired, the head – except your Beloved is one of the nine percent who actually go bald.

… about our body size

We need to correct: Very important the size is not – at least not those of the body as a whole. Because an emancipated woman likes a strong man at your side. Probably this is the reason why 60 percent of the women were in a Emnid study, the knowledge that a man must be larger than themselves.

At best, six to ten inches. The majority spoke with 21 percent. More than 15 inches, only 13 percent found it good. Clearly, you do not want to look strange next to each other.

… about our age,

gray hair have found? Congratulations! Instead of getting angry about getting Older, you look forward to prefer the new sexual possibilities, opened to you. Evolutionary psychologists such as Lance Workman and Will Reader explained it years ago: women love older men. Because the have more experience, therefore more self-confident and trust worthy. In short: you are better protectors. Psychologists call it the George Clooney effect. The actor is married with a 16 years younger, a human rights lawyer.

… the first step,

because Of equality! When it comes to the life partner, a further distinction is made clear between the sexes. Then half of the women (41 percent) expect to be an elite partner survey that men make the first move and the woman’s response.

The proposal of marriage, the role distribution is clear: Zero percent (in Numbers: 0!) would be willing to make men a request, and only 2.8 percent of women would bring up the subject at all on the table. The betrayed in 2010, researchers from the University of California in a study.

… about orgasms

Just for a little more than half of women (54 percent) belongs to own orgasm to successful Sex. A survey of the Gewis-Institute. To bring a woman to climax is an art, which is usually expected is in order on the one hand. On the other hand, the Ladies are not forgiving, if it works.

Nine out of ten women have played times an orgasm – and most of them (41 percent), to confirm the husband in his efforts, as a study of Charité hospital in Berlin showed. They are just as nice, and you give her time: In the case of One-Night Stands, women come more often, less often, with increasing familiarity. New Outfit looking for? Now save with the coupons ABOUT YOU

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