A day in Copenhagen begins, in the ideal case, with the scent of cinnamon doughnuts. Small bakeries offer the delicacy to anywhere in the city. The cozy Bageri is, however, in Meyers, in Jægersborggade, where the Kanelsnurrer between sweet-filled poppy seed bun and a strong rye bread stacked in the window Display. Only a few meters further to the good, fresh-roasted specialty coffee in The Coffee Collective with outstanding serves.

most of The roads in the district of Nørrebro, not far away. The area to the North-West of the Copenhagen lakes, with its Mix of students, artists and immigrants for several years, the hip center of the city. In the assistens Kirkegård churchyard one can comfortably walk, cafes and Shops between Blågårdsgade and Elmgade the time flows so slowly as the Espresso from the portafilter machine. Probably there were places like this that have led the travel guide “Lonely Planet”, to explain to the Danish capital to the most exciting destination in 2019.


Before the account balance is too low or the caffeine-level is too high, it goes for further explorations on the bike. Because there is no other way one learns to Copenhagen know so well. The Bicycle is an integral part of everyday life and an important factor for the quality of life of the city. On wide Paths, you will reach every corner of the city safely and comfortably, without having to use the car or public transport.

Design style

On the Dronning Louises Bro in the city centre. At noon, the bridge is still convenient to drive in rush hour traffic it is cozy. Thousands of cyclists cross here Arm to Arm the lakes, to the citizens, the people sitting climbing on benches and watch the spectacle. Our route takes us across the city centre and Christianshavn on the semi-island of Refshaleøen.

In the past few years, the Copenhagen of these former industries have discovered location in the port. In the summer, you can sit with a Drink on the pier in front of La Banchina, in the Winter with hot drinks inside the big front window. Who is on the saddle, frozen, one can ask at the counter after a visit to the sauna. A few meters has been established with the Reefing a big Street Food market with regular artistic Events.


from Refshaleøen from the Amager Bakke can catch a glimpse of, a waste incineration plant on the roof of a 1500-Meter-long ski slope is located. It was designed by architect Bjarke Ingels, the city has a number of innovative projects such as the 8 House and the Superkilen Park and international has made a name. You can ride back to the city, line the port more spectacular buildings such as the Opera house by architect Henning Larsen, the Royal Danish Playhouse and the Royal library.

All Danish Design world. Who has established itself in recent years, is the latest noticed. So why not directly to the source go on a treasure hunt? In Copenhagen city centre there are a variety of stores that offer accessories to furniture, all in Scandinavian Design. In the still life and in the Hay House is a wonderful place to browse.

Falafel instead of cinnamon kringel

After so much Sightseeing already hungry again? Then it’s on to Kødbyen, the Meatpacking District. Here, the Café is connected to the castle shop to Michelin-Restaurant. A good Cup of coffee in the prologue, a Coffee Bar, who is already in the mood for stronger drinks, the controls directly to the H15.


A large part of the gastronomy is, according to the history of the place, of meat specialized. But vegetarian food is excellent. If you like, a ringing here, or in the numerous Bars such as Paté Paté, in the adjacent district of Vesterbro fluent in the night.

Or it goes back to the Digest on the wheel and Nørrebro. A few minutes away by bike, the Ravnsborggade attracts with numerous Bars. Det Ny Scala, Bevar’s, or kind of Blue – the range of trendy and at the same time cosy shops is large. Here there are also for night-time cravings at every corner of the Falafel in the bread. This is as much of Copenhagen as the cinnamon doughnuts in the Morning.

Video: summer in Denmark – From fish and Fashion


collaboration: Matthias Sperling