at the Latest, on the weekend, some 2,500 Christmas markets open their doors. Anyone who strolls along between the stalls, sees it not only mulled wine stands, gingerbread and beautiful lights, but in many places heavy barriers, grid and concrete bollards. You should make the markets safer – in fact, and felt.

Particular attention is paid to the Christmas market on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, the market, where the Islamist Terrorist anise Amri car killed two years ago with a hijacked load of twelve people. More than 70 were injured. The first major Islamist-motivated terrorist attack on Germany.

Breitscheidplatz is the high-security area

to prevent that something like this happens again, is similar to the breitscheid tract place in this year of a high security. The streets of the longitudinal sides around the Gedächtniskirche from the bars screwed together mesh baskets. In addition, they are burdened with large amounts of Sand.

pedestrian entrances and driveways are equipped with additional bollards and concrete footings. The Lock, it is said, are to protect against terrorism provide plots with up to 40 tons of heavy trucks. dpa Berlin’s Christmas market at the memorial Church will be sealed two years after the Islamist terrorist attack with twelve fatalities-consuming

Many Christmas markets to upgrade – even if there is no acute danger situation,

evidence of a concrete danger, not, say police in several major cities. An abstract threat continues. Christmas markets have a special symbolic meaning to come as an important part of the Christian culture. Therefore, many of the markets in terms of safety also upgrade elsewhere. Cities such as Dresden, Saarbrücken, and Trier, for example, have also installed additional concrete blocks to block access routes.

in Other markets, such as, for example, in Mainz are also monitored for the first time with cameras. “No images are recorded,” said a spokesman for the city. Rather, it is a constant observation during the opening Hours in real time. At night, a security service monitors the market.

trees instead of concrete bollards on Germany’s most famous Christmas market

On Germany’s most famous Christmas market in Nuremberg, however, there will be no innovations. The concept of security from the previous year, have proved successful, says the Director of the mayor – and the press office, Christine Schuessler. On a concrete bollard as in the wide place in Berlin Scheid to waivers. Instead, the city wants to set up again, mobile Christmas trees and, therefore, smaller access roads to block.

“the concrete bollards would install only with very great effort, the whole town would be laid for the construction of probably lame,” explains schüssler. Anyway, the old town is full of nooks and crannies in many Places, so that we can proceed with more of high speeds on the market. Where this is not possible, the police as in the past year, large vehicles in the way.

it security concepts have already

proven Similarly to the diffuse threat of terrorism around the Christmas market on Marienplatz in Munich city centre Also here, the back-up in the past year, a large planter in the driveways. In addition, a PA system was installed, which could be passed on in case of doubt, the alerts fast to the visitor.

in Hamburg, the security situation was similar as in the previous year, emphasized police spokeswoman Heike Uhde. The safety concept is therefore here, too, “a similar design as last year”.

Also of Hanover and Bremen dispense with additional concrete blocks

At the Christmas market in Hanover city centre, you renounce also to be aware of on Concrete blocks. The market is very broad, and do the blocking of all access roads with bollards to make little sense.

The person in charge of the Bremen Christmas market concrete pillars reject the same. “The offer no absolute protection,” says police spokesman Nils Matthiesen. Besides, it doesn’t give it enough space. Instead, the police relies on cooperation with private security guards and mobile Lock for emergency use.

The Frankfurt Christmas market around the Romans, the Concrete barriers were already in the last year – and it will be again this year. Further tightening of the security concept, however, is hardly feasible, says the event Manager of the market, Kurt Stroscher. “We have not upgraded in the last few years, so more is just not possible.” As a increase you can make the Christmas market, only to cancel or in a barrack take place.

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More police officers, for more security, dpa/Julian Stratenschulte

police officers stand at the Christmas market in Hannover, Germany.

Not only barriers are intended to increase the security on the markets. Many cities rely mainly on a “visible presence” of the police. So uniformed police officers as well as civilian colleagues, private security companies are almost everywhere increasingly, on-the-go. In Hannover will set up its own temporary police station in a Container on the edge of the Christmas market. Many of these arrangements had already been after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and nice for 2015.

Regardless of the terrorist threat, the police also warns against bag collections of thieves in the people. “The confusing throng between the market stands you a good chance to go unnoticed to strike.” Visitors of the Christmas markets should, therefore, be especially attentive and their Jackets and bags.

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