Pierre Gasly is hoping his new team-mate Max Verstappen next season as difficult as possible, all stressed the Frenchman that he in 2019 especially many on want to poke at Red Bull Racing.

“It is only my second season in Formula 1, so there are still a lot of things that I need to learn,” says Gasly Tuesday at Sky Sports. “I hope especially that I have my qualities and I myself continue to develop.”

The 22-year-old Gasly drove last season for Toro Rosso, the zusterteam of Red Bull, and comes in 2019 on the seat of Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian decided the Austrian renstal, in exchange for Renault.

In the 21 races of 2018 picked up Gasly in a total of 29 points, good for fifteenth position in the CHAMPIONSHIP mode. He finished five times in the top ten, with the fourth place in the Bahrain Grand Prix as the best result. Verstappen achieved two Grand Prix victories and picked up 249 points in his RB14.

“We’ll see how it goes at Max,” says Gasly. “He is one of the most talented drivers at this time and it is always good to have a teammate that is competitive. I will make him as hard as possible, and then we’ll see what the end result will be.”

‘Red Bull can with a Honda-motor hole seal’

Red Bull succeeded this year again to Mercedes and Ferrari to catch up with – Mercedes picked up this year, less than 236 points more in the CHAMPIONSHIP-mode, for manufacturers – but Honda, as a new motorleverancier hopes the team of Verstappen in 2019, however, seriously involved to the world title.

Gasly is confident that the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari, a poem can be. “I really believe in this project and have admiration for the work that they have stitches,” said the Frenchman, who this year at Toro Rosso all of a Honda engine is used.

“There comes a time that the difference in power is bridged, I’m convinced of it. We need the time, but Honda and Red Bull will no doubt be something very beautiful.”

Gasly will be on march 17, 2019 his first race driving as a driver of Red Bull Racing, the Formula 1 season starts with the Grand Prix of Australia. The jaae is on 1 december in Abu Dhabi ended.

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