The two women in Castricum are hit by a grijzestationwagon might also be stabbed, let the police Tuesday to know. The agents view whether these incidents are related to the riding and stabbing of an eighteen-year-old runner in the nearby Egmond aan den Hoef.

The two women were a few days before the incident with the runner hit by a car.

One of them, an eighteen-year-old woman on a bicycle, was on Thursday 22 november at the sand dike in the Netherlands hit by a car and did a lung collapse. Some time later, a 52-year-old runner on the same dike also hit. She was wounded in her arm.

On the 28th of november was again a runner hit by a car, but then in Egmond aan den Hoef. The eighteen-year-old woman had in the first instance, not by that her chest was stabbed and fell a little further in each other.

Only when the files of the business “about each other were laid”, it was concluded that the women of the incident on 22 november may also have been stabbed with an object. The injury fits in a collision as in the latter scenario, according to police.

“The women won’t know much more,” said the spokesman. “It was dark, it happened quickly and the car performed great light.”

Research into the correlation between the business

The police is still investigating if there is a connection between the cases exists. It is already stated that the incidents in Castricum, presumably to do with each other. Tuesday night is a getuigenoproep done in the program Detection is Requested, in which the matter is also discussed will be.

The municipalities of Bergen, Heiloo and Castricum their residents, last week, advised not only to go running, but that in groups to do.