Chinese parents are always unhappy, if your daughter is not married by 28, and of the son, 33 years old, and you, in time for Retirement, a grandchild gives, so that you have a new task, to take care of this. 10 years ago, the pain threshold was 25 years ago, the shift is now accepted Willy-nilly.

Even the HR departments are involved in the search for a partner

During the training, the Chinese have a high work load, little time and desire to look for a Partner. In the first Job you work too hard, know only colleagues and are too inexperienced emotionally to tackle the problem with the Marry seriously. Since a large number of “helper a jump”, in order to make the right Partner for the child. Parents, the whole big family, high school teachers, even the personnel Department at the first employer.

But in spite of intensive efforts, there are more and more Chinese who have crossed this age limit and still unmarried. You belong to the Generation of “Left-Over”. These are often PhD women who have an excellent academic education, but “old” and their claims have become so large that the amount of potential candidates is extremely small. As young successful Business men to be found who have forgotten out of sheer earn money to get Married. The Person

Manfred Görk travels for many years, regularly to China. On his self-organised travel to the country in the midst of which he has won many friends and is in English-Chinese Chat groups. His experiences from the daily life in China, he has published the end of 2017 in a book.

book review Manfred Görk: “Land of the middle – impressions from another world”

marriage market: weekly, often in Parks, starting at 10 a.m.

For the “Leftover” there is the marriage market, which takes place in almost all the major cities of China on a weekly basis. In Shanghai at People’s Square, in Beijing before the forbidden city, in other cities, mostly in one of the large Parks. The market starts at 10 o’clock in the morning and lasts until late afternoon.

Here is the “Leftover’t come together but” self, but rather their parents. Often the affected children are unaware of the zeal of their parents, which are in rows close to each other and in front of a sheet of paper on the floor. It is written in short sentences, who you are offering and whom you are looking for. Manfred Görk On a sheet of paper on the ground the facts to the “Left Over” presented

info on slips of paper: facts and properties of the “remaining”

It facts. Age, height, weight, marital status (Divorced, possibly with a child, it is particularly difficult). Of course, one also reads of the residential district (Beijing alone is sufficient), apartment size, Job, University, income, assets, car brand.

In a nutshell, you can read the features: Clever, intelligent, attractive, loving family. A photo is missing almost always. As search criteria, you will Not find marital status Single-smoker, Non-player, Non-drinker, handsome, intelligent and the like. FOCUS ONLINE DATING start Dating site for single now, and fall in love

parents interview, photos, phone number, Wechat ID, then the children of

Meet One of the parents stays behind the sheet, the other critically analyzes the offers. If you are interested, a conversation with the offering of the parents begins. Further information will be given and photos shown. If exchanged, both parties, phone number and Wechat will be convinced by ID, in order to lead to the end of the market day for further negotiations.

this run, If positive, arrange for the parents to Meet their children. These know nothing of the activities in the marriage market. It tells you that it was the son of a work colleague, or the daughter of a distant Acquaintance. The children will go to this Meeting, because it is the desire of the parents is that you can’t refuse.

According to market event: marriage out of love is rare

There are no statistics on the success factor of this market event. If it comes to marriage, especially because of the claims of the parents adjust to each other. Marriage out of love, there are here rare. Sooner or later, the children, how they were taught and, as a rule, this will increase the harmony of the freshly married couple.

Who attended as a bystander, a marriage market, it should behave in a restrained and respectful. You quickly realize that no pleasure is not a year market. The present parents are often the 20. Here, you can see your tension. If it doesn’t work again, it’s not just a new disappointment, there is something very incriminating for the entire family. Bystanders should watch the Whole therefore, from a certain distance, and as one of the many peculiarities of the Chinese life.

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