at Jerusalem

The new tattooed christians take up again an old tradition coming back from the crusades. For nearly 500 years, the knights and then the pilgrims got tattoos to keep an indelible mark of their passage
in the holy Land. Gregory, 29, has tattooed on his right forearm the monogram of the name of Christ. “IHS”, the three letters inspired by the Greek, lines on the skin of a Jerusalem cross, the emblem of the christians of the East and symbol of the franciscan Custody of the holy Land, the guardian of the holy places. Gregory is a seminarian and said, “Jesus in skin”. In training for two years in Jerusalem, the future priest attended the courses behind the walls of the bible school in the paddock of the Dominicans, near the Damascus gate. He is also devoted, in the western part of the city, to the catholic community of the parish of Hebrew. The young man provides academic support to children of migrant workers, filipinos, ethiopians, and eritreans.

“a tattoo, it is mark themselves in iron, etc.

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