The former head of the Chuvash Republic has challenged his dismissal in the Supreme court

the Former head of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Ignatiev challenged in the Supreme court of Russia, the RF President’s decree on early termination of its powers on a post. The meeting is scheduled for June 30.

on January 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree impeached the head of the Chuvash Republic “in connection with loss of trust”.

Michael Ignatieff led the region since 2010. The resignation was preceded by a series of scandals.

once the Internet got a video in which the official made the chief of the city fire Department to jump over the keys to new vehicles. The government of Chuvash Republic, called it a friendly joke, but it was preceded by a series of other scandals (for example, on celebrations on the occasion of the Day of the Russian press he called “wet” journalists for criticizing the authorities), so Ignatieff was expelled from the “United Russia”, and then dismissed with harsh words.

“the President has repeatedly said that any manifestation of disrespect to the people from the government is unacceptable. And in his eyes is something totally unacceptable. And here I am this would explain the decision that was made by the head of the state”, — said earlier the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

January 31, resigned the government of the Chuvash Republic. Acting head of the Republic appointed Oleg Nikolaev – he will hold the post until the inauguration of the new elected head. Elections will be held in a Single voting day – September 13, 2020.