The fathers and mothers who paid income TAX in 2014 and 2015 already, can ask the reembolsoPasos to apply for refund of personal income TAX of the provision of maternity and paternity

Finance has already enabled the form to request a refund of the deductions in the benefits of maternity and paternity of the last four years. During the presentation, the Finance minister Maria Jesus Montero, indicated that the Government has done a reading of the judgment of the Supreme Court “broad and generous” as the reimbursement shall also extend to the parents. Below, we look at the main practical issues that affect this process:

how Much returned to the Treasury for the withholding of income TAX on maternity benefits and paternity?

Montero said yesterday that the total cost will be about 1,200 million euros and the return half is on maternity leave will amount to 1,600 euros, while the paternity is will be around of 383 euros. In addition, those parents that the statement that they retained the income TAX, gave as a result “to pay”, will be able to perceive in addition to “late payment interest”.

“The average wage of the taxpayer’s personal income TAX is about 23,000 euros gross per year. If we take this average figure, a mother could get for those four months of maternity benefit is a return average of approximately 450 euros per month allowance, that is to say, around 1,800 for the four months . However, this amount will depend on the specific circumstances of each taxpayer, his family situation and personal deductions specific that you enjoyed in that year,” says the director of the department of People Advisory Services of EY, Iván Sáez Strong.

you can Also find out how much it corresponds to in the calculator ABC inserted at the end of this article.

Where can I claim the refund?

a refund can be requested through the form hosted on the website of the Tax Agency (AEAT) [ click here] or by the presentation of this same model printed in paper format in any delegation of the AEAT. “The process consists in applying a correction of the statements in which are included those aid”, as extracted from the communiqué from the Ministry of Finance.

How do I access a form hosted on the web?

The ways to access will be the same that are included in the statements of income TAX and will be able to enter them through the system Reno, the Key PIN, or a digital certificate.

What documents need to be submitted?

it will Not be necessary to attach to the application a certificate from the Social Security proof of benefits, or any other additional documentation, because in each case the Tax Agency collected directly from the Social Security all the information accurate. Only ask for two data, The parent must indicate the year or years in which it has benefited from the aid and a number of bank account you want credited with the return.

What is the deadline to submit the form?

The timing of return will be divided into two parties for the four fiscal years that have not been prescribed. Taxpayers who received the benefit in 2014 and 2015 may request the refund of the personal income TAX and will have until the 31 of December. However, the tax adviser consulted remember that these deadlines do not fall within the periods of limitation. “The TAX declaration of 2014 prescribes four years from the end of the voluntary period for filing the declaration, that is to say, to June 30, 2015. Therefore, the limitation occurs to the four years of this date, the June 30, 2019,” says Sáez Strong.

When will be the returns?

Treasury expects that the money will be reimbursed this week and that in April you will already have returned all of the deductions claimed . The Tax Agency estimated to benefit a total of a million parents. “We’re going to do it this way because it will allow us to systematize the form of devolution in a more agile way,” explained Montero, The state tax administration agency reported yesterday late afternoon that he had registered 31.500 return requests.

What about the taxpayers who have been fathers and mothers in 2018?

The taxpayers with withholding maternity benefits and paternity of 2018 should not perform any processing in particular. The declaration of the Income of 2018, to submit in 2019, already incorporate benefits as exempt income and the deductions supported will be deductible. “In any case, the National Institute of Social Security has stopped deductions on these benefits from that they had knowledge of the judgment of the Supreme Court,” recalls Sáez Strong.

What will happen to the officials who traded through mutual?

Finance reminds that the Supreme Court’s ruling does not affect the permissions of maternity and paternity of the officials that are traded through mutual as Muface. However, the Government has pledged to change the law so that this group can benefit from the process of return and does not suffer deductions in the future.