The hangover from the bubble leaves a quarter of a million housing units “unsaleable”The rise of the housing extends beyond Barcelona and Madrid in spain

Buying a home involves an economic effort negligible. You must be very sure of the step that is going to give you, because it is a great investment. During the search of a floor that matches our expectations we must be vigilant. Before any cause for alarm that leads us to think that we are cheating know to react. From we want to help you to detect certain unethical practices so that you know to avoid time a possible fraud:

1. The seller is not the owner. This fraud is typified as a crime of sale of a thing of others. Consists in the transmission of a well without hold title to the same. It is a mode very specific deception, given that the seller appears to have a faculty, a disposition of in fact lacking. Is punishable by up to four years in prison. The buyer should always make sure that the seller and the owner agree by means of the request of a simple note on the Property Record .

2. Concealment of encumbrances. is Also a scam typified in the Penal Code. The seller hides in a conscious way the burden on the property. These range from mortgages and liens to levies neighborhood. The Registration of the Property is the place to go to check that everything is in order. There will also be contact with the president of the community or the administrator of the estate to ensure that it is current in the payment of the ordinary and extraordinary quotas .

3. Simulation of contract. This criminal pattern leads the buyer to sign a document of arras completely false that has no validity and that it is a mere excuse for the scammer to take out a money in respect of the signal. Once you have obtained this number, the purported seller disappears . To avoid this deception, it is also important to go to the corresponding record, and being advised by a lawyer or to manage the sale through an agency intermediary.

4. Payments in black. This practice was very common during the crisis and, currently, is going to arise. The seller agrees to lower the price if the buyer agrees to pay an amount in cash out of the tax control. In this way, the seller manages to reduce the capital gain and the buyer, the deed by a lower value, reduces the VAT or ITP . However, when the buyer wants to sell in the future, to include an acquisition value lower in the scriptures, you will face a surplus value higher.

5. Buying off plan. Many buyers are continue to battling in the courts to recover amounts paid on account for the purchase of a home on a plane that was never built. In addition to checking the title to the land and to ensure that the promoter has the licence to be relevant, you must check in the Registro Mercantil there are no annotations of liens or bankruptcy proceedings open. All amounts paid must be supported or secured.