The Dutch Portal “ is reported”. It is about an Armenian family, whose father had fled nine years, in the Netherlands, after he was threatened in his home country because of his membership in an opposition party with death.

the right of asylum, then again,

lifted The originally recognized asylum law has been repealed now. Therefore, the family Church have taken asylum in the claim. And because in the Netherlands, the police is allowed to a worship service, do not disturb, decided by the common short hand, to maintain the worship of God.

Theo Hettema, one of the initiators of the action, said, “”: “When we started, we knew that we will need for this service for the long haul.” The common aid from all over the country to get: pastors travel to keep the service Running – even in the middle of the night.

FOCUS Online/Wochit The facts on the refugee crisis: So many people came since 2013, according to Germany, til