thousands of security-related files have been stolen from the servers of a French group. During an attack on a French construction company, the attackers were able to copy numerous documents to critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, prisons and tram networks, such as NDR, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Le Monde reports. The group Ingérop, which has its headquarters near Paris and the world at large construction projects is involved, confirmed the attack.

The data set includes more than 65 gigabytes – more than 11,000 files, which come, according to a company spokesperson from a dozen projects, including projects in France, Spain and South America. Included are plans of the locations of video cameras, which should be used in a French high security prison. Furthermore, waste Repository in the North-East of France and the personal information of more than 1,200 Ingérop employees documents to a scheduled nuclear. Also, some of the company’s internal E-Mails were copied.

Ingérop to the affected customers of the theft is notified of the backup has set up measures to own IT.

One track leads according to the Research network in the Ruhr area: at the beginning of July searched investigators in connection with the Ingérop Hack in Dortmund, the culture centre of a Long August. Servers were seized. In the rooms there is also the science shop Dortmund, the Server is rented. From one of these servers is a part of the Ingérop had been provided short-term data to Download.

A spokeswoman for the science shop said it was not known that the data had been stored. After searches in Dortmund, the data were largely disappeared from the net. A few weeks ago was offered in the so-called Darknet, however, again a data packet. The Darknet is a part of the Internet, with special Software access.