lives are So different, the lives of two look – Patrizia with her husband and son, John with his parents – both of them have in common: they have their diagnoses do not get to you.

“I’m fighting to the bitter end”

What a challenge that is, to reveal to you the documentation that is openly. Four to five hours a day, spend John for his therapy. Even if he says today, he will quarrel often with his illness, mentally stable, he was not always the case.

“I was already wanted twice in my life, to the point where I could no longer and commit suicide,” says John. Today he had finished with this topic””. “I’m fighting to the bitter end,” the 33-Year-old. Help for suicidal-thoughts

editors ‘ note: We have decided in this case to report on the topic of suicide. Unfortunately, it can happen that depressed-assessed people to see Reports of this kind of view reinforces that life had little meaning.

it Should happen to you, please contact pastoral care of immediately the phone. Help you will find free Hotlines, such as 0800-1110111 or 0800 3344533 .

John shows humorous

The strength of this, his parents give him, especially, will allow him an intimate connection associated with it. Papa Hans, the John like walks makes, breaks out in tears as he speaks about the illness of his son. The feelings need to out of there, he explains.

John himself is presented in a humorous way. Since 2009, he was “practically a marsupial,” he says of his artificial anus, and the associated plastic bag to his stomach.

Patrizia doesn’t want to “krebsig” appearance

Because he wants to provide after his death for Schmunzler, the Tattoo-friend, accompanied by RTL2 to put the saying “open Only by trained personnel,” the image of a can opener. A “Gag for the Doctors”, because John wants his body after his death to science. “Here & Now”/RTL2 Screenshot

Humorous in the face of their serious illness Patrizia. Also if your body to the time of the shooting, no metastases, work, has not defeated the cancer.

“enjoy Every Moment”

That it looks the same, is the pretty Brunettes very important. She didn’t want to “look krebsig,” she says. For particularly long-lasting she is, therefore, your lips contours with a felt-tip pen. Of Known you had been warned, felt-tip pen was on the skin cancer, she recalls. You say that you have cancer anyway, kids Patrizia.

power to give her, especially her son Alex and their Girlfriends. With the 33-Year-old, life is so good you just: Whether it is delicious food or a visit to the amusement Park – “I always think that I must enjoy every Moment,” says Patrizia. FOCUS Online

Patrizia struggling with “Löwenmut”

Easy it is for you, not always. After the shock diagnosis of cancer, she wasn’t crying, especially at night, when it saw others. Your 11-year-old son to the mother has feelings of guilt.

“Because of me, he is not a carefree Childhood,” she says. But your goal has a clear vision: “I want to see my son grow up,” the 33-Year-old. For that she fights with “Löwenmut”!

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex So funny Klaas Heufer-Umlauf scoffs at the “Forbes”ranking of the singer’s Best offer on soctv