Pollution of water, air and land in Russia, slowing economic growth

Polluted air is 56 million people of Russia in 143 cities, almost all the rivers are poisoned untreated sewage, each year the country loses about 300,000 hectares of forest (70% due to fires), and even municipal garbage for six years will have nowhere to place it. This writes the chamber in a report on the national project “Ecology”, which read “Vedomosti”, the content of which was confirmed by the representative of gokudera. The warming in Russia is 2.5 times faster than global sea-ice coverage of the Arctic is reduced, more frequent droughts and floods. Without solving environmental problems, not to fulfil the government and the governors task, especially for increasing life expectancy and growth in population, notes the chamber.

today, the soils in the zone of permafrost capable of withstanding a load 17% less than in the 1970s, and in some regions – 45%, the report said. It threatens a dangerous strain of Railways, roads and pipelines. Damage from weather events by 2030 could reach 2-3% GDP per year, and in some areas to 5-6% of the GRP, warned the chamber. Raw materials export bias industry means a continuous formation and accumulation of waste with the extraction of minerals formed 86.8% of all waste (as of 2016). If the economy will develop under the same scenario, the negative impact on the environment will increase, passed through the representative of the auditor of the accounts chamber Mikhail Men, and the national project “Ecology” (worth more than $ 4 trillion until 2024, including 3.2 trillion rubles from extrabudgetary sources. – “Vedomosti”) did not address all of the issues that need to be addressed to overcome environmental problems. Technology and power have become obsolete and are updated slowly, so the high damage to the environment, says Director of the Institute of ecology of the Higher school of economy Boris Morgunov.

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