“is That supposed to be a heart, but it looks like an ass”, crows, Vanessa may, when you paint for a magic trick of the Honest brothers, something on a coin. The need to contribute, the presenter, the guests are cashless in the Studio. A short time later, the coin is submerged in a bottle of pure magic.

The Ehrlich Brothers irritates Las Vegas does not FOCUS Online

The big and the little brother are Honestly the German edition of Siegfried and Roy, the great Illusion, but without the white Tiger. Las Vegas, saying the company is not interested in you at all. There, the mage in theaters with 400 to 500 seats, and not even a light show there. The Ehrlich Brothers magic in stages in front of 40,000 spectators, a huge stage show including. “We don’t want to go to Las Vegas. The Spells must be fun“, my Andreas and Chris. You prefer to stay in Bünde. Vanessa may has full understanding. You have seen David Copperfield and was disappointed. A “No Show.”

Vanessa may, back from the honeymoon Screenshot WDR, The Ehrlich Brothers

Fresh, happy, friendly – Vanessa may is presented and is reflective tones. Her life was perfect, the success of am fun and often think: “it can’t stay that way. When there is what?“ Or what was not there? Oh, Yes, the stage crash a few months ago, and an injury to the cervical vertebrae. “What do you think?” says Böttinger. “I thought, I can’t cancel the Tour,” says may.

her husband and Manager, the iron discipline was located. He had been in the Situation for the first time Manager, reported in may. In the honeymoon, the two went still, even if too late. Relaxing when they were not, suggests may. Can relax only at home, best at the “crime scene” or when Brushing. “I don’t clean for other people”, makes clear. In the case of a magic show of the Honest brothers of you want to sing but, she has promised.

For her husband is the Queen “my little sausage”

Prince Harry has shaken hands with the Queen she’s met once. “Explosive”-presenter Mareile Höppner know in the British Royal house. You should know that the Queen likes to play charades, and preferably, the various Prime Minister’s footsteps. Prince Philip calls his wife lovingly, “my little sausage”. The day of her death, the Queen has planned meticulously. It is even laid down, which the servant will carry the message out of the room. Easily the crowned heads don’t have it. Princesses are not allowed to cross your legs, you need to cross at the ankle. “Mega-stressful”, says Höppner, “because you want to be after an hour, not a Princess.”

The mayor and the assassination Screenshot WDR, Andreas Hollstein

so far, so sound. In Böttingers round Andreas Hollstein, mayor of the Westphalian town of Altena sits. He has the “Kölner Treff” the last word. A year ago, Hollstein has become because of its refugee policy, the victim of a knife attack. The city had taken in more refugees than they had to. In a Döner-Imbiss, a man attacked the mayor, and cried, while he held his victim with a knife to the neck: “I will stab you. You let me die of thirst, but get 200 foreigners in the city.“

A court sentenced the offender to two years ‘ probation. Political motives for the deed, the judge saw. “I was disappointed by the verdict,” says Hollstein. “He would have called ‘You get 200 Jews in the city’, would have been the ruling differently,” says the mayor. He deplores the hatred, of the society column. “We should not allow ourselves to be of cheap people columns, but Germany is too valuable,” says Hollstein. For the record, there is a lot of applause.

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