This article appeared in its original Version as early as September, as the “assassination attempt” for the first Time, journalists were shown.

The history of the Red army faction (RAF) stimulates since ever to the imagination. From 1972 to 1993, the left-wing terrorist force committed serious attacks in Germany. And still today, 20 years after the self-dissolution, many did puzzles, proliferation of legends, silent former leadership of the people.

An output location, the inspired film-makers and regularly to Controversy when fiction and facts fluctuate. Last year a “crime scene”-a sequence of Dominik Graf triggered a debate. It was the death-night of Stammheim. In the prison in 1977, died from multiple RAF-prisoners of the first hour – Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Jan-Carl Raspe. The Episode shows one of several versions of the death night of a state hit squad, killing terrorists.

“RAF Propaganda,” scolded Stefan Aust, chronicler for decades. Just the murder version spread the remaining terrorists at the time to outlaw the state and to recruit new supporters. You knew It was a suicide. The “crime scene”, wedged Aust gen ARD, was “dangerous nonsense”.

With explosives, Bazooka, and MG of

this fall, the ZDF tried a new Mix of fact and fiction. The great two-parter “The assassination” is based on the novel “The last terrorist” by André Georgi, a renowned crime writer. The Story takes place shortly after the turn, at a time when the RAF fought the third Generation of the state – with explosives, a Bazooka and machine gun. Since the mid-eighties a series of murderous attacks rocked the country, it hits the alleged bearer of the system.

The names of the eleven deaths today are hardly more present. The most prominent Alfred Herrhausen (1989), head of the German Bank, and Detlev Karsten Rohwedder (1991), head of the trust are hospital.

In the “murder plot” thickens pistols Georgi the case of Rohwedder, a Plot of the Robbers. It goes to the RAF, the Stasi, and to the machinations of Western businessmen want to make in the Ex-GDR unfair transactions. On the edge of Georgi of the Herrhausen murder, fiction and the fatal shots of the bathroom, Small, where, in 1993, the RAF Terrorist Wolfgang Grams died.

In the Film, Sandra hires Wellmann (Petra Schmidt-Schaller), the mother and the RAF-sympathizer, as an assistant at the Berlin Treuhand-in-chief Hans-Georg Dahlmann (Ulrich Tukur). At the behest of the terrorists you should explore, when the odious capitalist, best to kill.

Ulrich Tukur as a fiduciary-in-chief Hans-Georg Dahlmann

Doubting assistant

However, the longer the assistant to accompany your boss, the more doubts she has of the meaning of their job. Dahlmann is to transfer the people’s own holdings in the East in the new economy. Rehabilitate, Close, Sell the options, he and his people consider are often.

well man experienced a Manager, the fights fraud and for workers that fear for their Jobs – contrary to the classic left of the enemy.

The trust-in-chief invites his assistant of the day to Bad Godesberg, you should get to know his family. The terrorists decide to kill him on this occasion – by-distance shot out of a garden colony, which is situated opposite the Villa of the Manager.

However, RAF-sharp Klaus Gelfert (Christoph Bach) for a shooter to disappear in the short term – the police are searching for him because of the deadly bomb attack on the chief of the Association’s Bank. The terrorist Bettina Pohlheim (Jenny Schily), who wants to draw well man for quite some time in the illegality, presses her young Mare, a gun in the Hand. The assistant to shoot their boss in the house.

Then Dahlmann is murdered, surprisingly, but by a sniper as he goes in the first floor of his Villa on the phone. That was the RAF? The audience can almost have a first guess of the entire second part of the long – a clear answer to it. Even a former Stasi officer and business opponents as backers of the question. The RAF Option is the least probable.

Who traced with the Finger in the literature, the Film, for example in the standard work “Fatal error” by Butz Peters, will discover a lot of quotes from the reality. The fatal shot hits Dahlmann from 63 metres, so it was with Rohwedder.

forensic puzzles

“Who the RAF is today?” a konsternierter Minister of the interior, asks at some point. “We don’t know,” says the police man. Still, historians are missing the Overview, who belonged to the third Generation. Only a few names are known. And also the RAF-Stasi-Liaison, which are alluded to in the movie, has a core of truth: In the eighties, the intelligence officers from the East trained the terrorists from the West.

the longer the Film runs, and a total of 180 exciting minutes , the more the Story moves in the realm of fantasy. Although it is unclear who shot Rohwedder. To the perpetration by the RAF but no serious doubt. The terrorists didn’t leave a typical claim of responsibility, the evidence for a forgery, there is. Thanks to new methods of analysis to the BKA were able to assign experts in 2001, a hair from the crime scene to the RAF-man Wolfgang Grams – by that time, however, he is already eight years dead.


signs To the historic case of Rohwedder, produced by the ZDF documentary, which will run in November, directly after the end of the movie. It is about the findings of criminologists. In 2007, the Ex-terrorist, Eva Haule, stressed in a letter that she wanted to make “absolutely clear”: “The RAF was responsible for the actions against Alfred Herrhausen, Gerold von Braunmühl and Detlev Rohwedder.”

the occasion at the time, the recurring Thesis that Western intelligence services had murdered Herrhausen was. Also this Plot has long been filmed in the award-winning political Thriller “The Phantom” from the year 2000. The Basis of the non-fiction book attitude held work of the author Gerhard Wisnewski.

The man now known as a conspiracy theorist with a name.

“The suicide attack”, Monday, 5.11. and Wednesday, 7.11., each 20.15 clock, ZDF