From a “massive mob of approximately 100 persons from the Arab and/or Turkish/Kurdish culture,” wrote the “Bild am Sonntag” (BamS), relying on “internal police reports”.

the police has confirmed that it has used its own investigative group to investigate the incidents. But days later, investigators from completely different Tatumständen. So now seems clear that there were, in total, involved significantly fewer people. Also, the police has other theories as to the possible backgrounds and know more about the parties Involved.

the first incident: attack on Afghans

The first incident occurred on 18. November, a Sunday. Shortly before 21 o’clock, two Afghans in the city centre of saarbrücken of a group of people and have been violated to be attacked, such as the police spokesman Stefan Laßotta FOCUS Online said. Up to this point, also agrees with the report of the BamS.

But in the newspaper it is said that the group had consisted of 100 masked people. This speaker Laßotta says: “We expect around 20 people. The two victims want to have recognised the perpetrators from the Arab or North African region.“ By masked people, the police did not know in this context.

the Second incident: attack on hookah-Bar

Immediately after this brawl excitement in a nearby Shisha Bar: A 20-member group on a rampage in the restaurant, destroyed the glass front, an employee is slightly injured. The police considers that it is due to the temporal and spatial proximity to possible that it is the same group, which has attacked both Afghans. However, the police think, in the meantime, also in a different direction: Since it is possible that it was a revenge action for the attack on the Afghans.

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But: contrary to reports, got the police in their current investigation, no evidence that canes were used. Also alleged testimonies, according to which the perpetrators were driven with cars from different regions to the crime scene, white speaker Laßotta nothing.

the third incident: attack on hookah-Bar

On the 19. November, just a day after that, again attacked two Afghans, and also in the station region. The police of half a dozen offenders. Three of them, a German, an Afghani and a Thai, were arrested, the Rest had fled. Of used knives or “warmaul”, which are allegedly listed in the “internal police reports,” police spokesman Laßotta nothing. The offender had fled the day before, destroyed the hookah Bar. The attack took place in a completely different street.

the Fourth incident of attack on Afghans

in Two days of violence near the city centre of Saarbrücken: A witness reports in the evening at the police station a brawl, and a possible way between “foreigners”. The pre-geeilten police officers to meet any of the Involved.

About 30 minutes later, three young men, two Afghans and Iraqis, then, as a victim to the police. Two of the men were slightly injured, one of them had lacerations. This could point the police to a knife used as a murder weapon. Possible of this Detail in the “internal police was confused to report”.

As the perpetrators, the victims to identify at least a 20-year-old known to police, Afghans, in the short term detained, but then set free. A connection to the first three incidents, there is, according to the current Determination, not prosperity, says the spokesman.

The police denied a report in the “Saar brückener Zeitung” (SZ): The want to have know that a victim of the brawl on Wednesday night, a 20-year-old Afghan, a witness for the attack on the hookah Bar. His companion, the other Afghan who had been only injured once during this series. Not, as of the SZ suggests, twice.

But still the authorities are taking seriously the incidents: The police has in the meantime established a multi-member investigation team. To clarify why it is several times came within a few days to such a serious action. But speaker Laßotta says: the dispute Riva groups of drugs areas not personalize it, unlike in the BamS reported.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit radio messages released: “This was a command from border protection to RAM them”