Armed forces would have fired on Ukrainian artillery ships in the Kerch Strait near Crimea and would try to capture the boats, said the representative of the Ukrainian government for the Crimea, Boris Babin, on Sunday evening. The Ukrainian Navy does the same allegations. Three of the vessels had been hijacked, at least two Sailors were injured. As the AP news Agency reported, the Ukrainian President an Emergency with his military leadership einbeordert.

The Russian secret service, the FSB, confirmed on Sunday night that the Russian Navy fired on Ukrainian ships and boats have been seized. The Ukrainian Navy had violated the territorial sovereignty of Russia, it said in a statement that the Russian state media reported. Screenshot Twitter Ukrainian Navy: a Russian ship rams Navy tugboat

Ukraine puts reservists in readiness

in view of the conflict, the Ukrainian Parliament will decide on Monday at a special session on a possible introduction of the martial law. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday night after a crisis meeting of the national security Council in Kiev. A request to the Rada in Kiev had been formulated at the meeting.

A possible introduction of martial law did not mean, however, that the Ukraine wanted to do offensive operations, – Poroshenko stressed. It “exclusively to the protection of our territory and the safety of our citizens”. Also on the front lines in Eastern Ukraine will not change anything. dpa/Efrem Lukatsky/AP Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko

in Addition, Poroshenko continued the reservists of the armed forces in readiness. The so-called First wave of the Reserve should be ready, said Poroshenko in Kiev. This does not mean, however, immediate mobilization, he added, according to the Russian Agency Interfax.

Russia feels provoked

Earlier on Sunday, the Russian Navy had rammed a Ukrainian boat and pushed. A Motor and the hull of the ship had been damaged. Russia has not confirmed this. Kiev sent two more ships to the Strait of Kerch, a narrow Strait between the Black sea and the Azov sea. Russia blocked the drive-through for the Ukraine completely.

Previously wanted to pass three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, the sea-Strait of Kerch between the Black and the Azov sea. Russia interpreted this as a provocation. In Kiev it was called, in turn, to the information, Moscow is in breach of the UN law of the sea Convention and the Treaty between the Ukraine and Russia for the use of the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait.

Why is the Strait so important?

The Kerch Strait is a strategically important Strait, both for Ukraine and for Russia. The road connects the Azov sea to the North with the Black sea in the South. The Black sea is in turn connected to the Mediterranean sea with the world oceans.

The Azov sea is the only sea access to ports in the disputed region of Eastern Ukraine. If Russia blocked the Kerch Strait, therefore, can start up ships on the sea, in the Eastern Ukraine. For months, the Russian secret service FSB checks a sample of Ukrainian ships, crossing the road, and keeps many of them from the drive-through. Screenshot of Google Maps of The Kerch Strait (red arrow marked) separates the Crimea (left) Russia (right) and connects the sea of Azov (above) with the Black sea (below). Therefore, the Strait is strategically of the highest importance

At the same time, the only bridge to the Russian mainland with the Crimean Peninsula, spans the Straits of Kerch. Russia had annexed the Ukraine owned Crimea in 2014, in violation of international law. The bridge over the Strait of Kerch is the only way to supply Crimea by land with goods, materials and weapons. A spicy side effect: The 35 meters high, in 2014, bridge, built, it makes larger ships, impossible to reach the road and pass through the Eastern Ukrainian ports.

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