Elisabeth Seitz ascended to your 25. Birthday with feelings of happiness in the belly of the plane in the homeland, Lukas Dauser was upset a day later, still on his mistake in the bar finals.

The German record champion enjoyed her first world Cup medal in the fullest, especially since their team-mate and the star of the hour knew how to appreciate, and in the evening in the team hotel with a champagne reception and a giant cake surprised.

“I thought That was super. I was so happy,” said the stable German gymnast of the past years and provides now, at last, “this little thing around the neck”, as you said yourself, from a world Cup. “It was the madness. I screamed and felt,” said her mother, Claudia, who was flew all the way to the Finals for the second Time to Doha. “At first I hesitated, because the cost a bit. But now I regret nothing.” He was “over the top proud of Eli,” said the 13-year-old brother, Gabriel, Turner.

The medal gives Eli Seitz is now a tail wind for the still more important home 2019 world Championships in Stuttgart. Where it comes to the Olympic Tickets. However, head coach Ulla Koch, the “so happy” about the performance of their squad that reached the world Cup final of Doha and there was Eighth, said: “leap, and the soil we need to grow.”

Even more true for the German Turner, whose world Cup performance could not be topped, according to the Miss the Team-final in tenth place by Lukas Dauser in the bars final. “I’m going to need two days to process the. But the bottom line is that I am one of the best eight gymnasts in the world on the parallel bars,” he said sadly after his error. The superior victory of the Chinese Zou Jinyuan he came on place eight.

a desert Safari and had to divert Dauser tried before. “A cool action to the boards with the Jeep through the desert,” he said. However, as in the more combat-final, he made a mess on Saturday when Makuz – even the tips of his friend Fabian Hambüchen had not helped. “It does, but really, if one learns how to do it other such Finals,” said the 25-year-old Bayern Munich Fan.

Dauser now wants to learn with a view to the Stuttgart world Cup from his mistakes. “This will be a huge struggle for men. 15 groups argue there the last nine Olympic places,” said DTB President Alfons Hölzl. “I am of good things, but we need to grow in output value and stability”, said the Munich-based. “The deficits are detected. It was clear that we said after the Era of the weaknesses Hambüchen will show”, sports Director Wolfgang Willam: “The grapes hang high.” The women see both on a good way. “With the currently injured, Pauline Schäfer, and Tabea Alt, we will compensate for the weaknesses at the bar,” predicted Willam.

Outstanding gymnast of the first world Championships in the Middle East was a Comeback two years after her four Olympic victories of Rio, the American Simone Biles. On the final day, it increased on the ground (14,933 points) your title account to 14 and confirmed its reputation as the most successful athlete of the Turn-history. The 21-year-old Texan won with the US team and had been surpassed by achievements in the more the fight and jump the white Russians Vitaly Scherbo, who had won in 1991 and 1996, twelve world titles.