• Dorina Rosin believes that her unborn child has mastered the language of the dolphins.
  • The expectant mother swims regularly with the animals.
  • So you want to bring your child to the world in the open sea.

water is a common practice in hospitals births today. But Dorina Rosin that is of course not enough. You don’t want to bring your child in a basin to the world, but in the open sea. As a birth assistant to come and serve only to dolphins.

In the English documentation of the “Extraordinary Births” (Extraordinary births) is accompanied by the presenter Katie Piper, expectant mothers that want to take your child off of any standards in the world.

If esotericism is to risk

In Hawaii presenter Piper visited the spiritual healer, Dorina Rosin and their life companions Maika Suneagle, there is a healing center and CDs with Dolphin noises. Both are convinced that your Baby has mastered the language of the dolphins.

in Order to prepare for the birth, graduated from Rosin pregnant, a ritual water blessing for you in the 38. Pregnancy week swam with the dolphins.

experts see it as recklessness

The expectant faith of the parents that this type of birth is more relaxed for both mother and child. Experts see in it, but easy to sense.

Despite the reputation of playfulness and gentleness, joined to them, dolphins are mammals, which can be dangerous. Especially those in the wild an unpredictable and killer show.

The murderous side of the sweet animals

The English Dailymail quotes the science writer Christie Wilcox. It relies on studies that have shown that dolphins in free thrown the wild, baby turtles and baby sharks around, beaten and killed – just because they had fun with it.

Some researchers believe that these killings were used as a murderous Exercises. Because dolphins are known to kill the offspring of a male rival.

The unpredictable side of the wild dolphins seem to have Rosin and her live-in partner hidden. It remains only to hope that the water blessing does not prevent the animals to consider As Newborn as a toy that you spin like the turtles around, beat and kill may exercise for the purposes.

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