What’s it all about? It all starts with a short testimony: Uwe Berger has been murdered, and in his appointment calendar an appointment with Jakob Gregorowicz (Manuel Rubey) was only a few hours before his death. But the denies the Meeting with the Stuttgart-based investment adviser in respect of the commissioners Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller) and Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare), he had not seen Berger in two years. The thing seems to be done. SWR/Alexander Kluge Yet, it is not a formal interrogation, but an interrogation, the Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare) and Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller) with Jacob Gregoriwicz (Manuel Rubey). But he feels under pressure and has brought his lawyer Moritz Ullmann (Hans Löw). But soon contact with the victim comes out: Gregorowicz had in the past few months. Now, the investigators are suspicious: What you have concealed of the father of a family? After drilling, speak with his wife Catherine (Britta mutton stone), to order him again and again to interviews with the Bureau. And with each conversation new disagreements to come.

at some point, neither the commissioners, after whose wife Gregorowicz can still believe a word of it. Then comes to light that he has lost due to dubious tips from Berger a lot of money. And also a great life-lie is no longer Hidden… SWR/Alexander Kluge, Catherine Gregorowicz (Britta mutton stone) is acidic. She has the impression that Jacob is lying to you and you can’t rely on him. Gregorowicz was the culprit or has something to do Berger’s son, Linus, has disappeared since the murder, something to do with the death of his father?

what if the victim dies? Uwe Berger is already dead, his murder is shown only in vague, nightmare-like sequences. “The man who lies” rises with the questioning of witnesses by Gregorowicz.

So many splashes of blood there is: The investment adviser who has apparently brought a lot of their money, was stabbed to death. As there is naturally a lot of blood. Later it becomes clear: Even Berger’s son, Linus was in the house of his father, the day of the murder, because his blood is found in the Villa. There was a deadly quarrel between the two? He himself was the victim of a violent crime? Or he is detained, injured somewhere? Questions, questions, to clarify the investigative team.

This is extraordinary, “The man who lies”: The case was filmed entirely from the perspective of a suspect. The two screenwriters Martin Eigler and Sönke Lars Neuwöhner to degrade the entire regular cast of the Stuttgart “Tatort”-Teams in addition to figures. State’s attorney Alvarez (Carolina Vera) and the crime technician, Nika Banovic (Mimi Fiedler) have only one each, two Mini-performances. And even the two commissioners will only be shown as “the man who lies” seen in the surveys.

How long will it take until you know who the offender is: Fast is clear: Jakob Gregorowicz is far from being the respectable husband and father, as he is at the beginning. Further and further he becomes entangled in a mesh of lies, more and more. Even his wife, Catherine, he can’t be honest with you. SWR/Alexander Kluge, Catherine Gregorowicz (Britta mutton stone) is disappointed by her husband.

And also his lawyer and brother-in-law of Moritz Ullmann (Hans Löw) quickly realizes that Jacob is honest with him. SWR/Alexander Kluge, Moritz Ullmann, a lawyer and brother-in-law of Jakob Gregorowicz (Manuel Rubey), does not want to work for him – but only if Jacob is lying to him. But whether he is actually the culprit that remains until the very end open.

The most surprising Moment: As it becomes clear that all the little lies of Jakob Gregorowicz were there to cover the a large living a lie… SWR/Alexander Kluge Jakob Gregorowicz (Manuel Rubey) is almost a little beside himself as he runs, the procedure of the detection service. The most outstanding actors: in Germany, the Viennese actor Manuel Rubey is still not very well known. But what he delivers here in a furious One-Man-Show, is very good. He plays Jakob Gregorowicz, dismantled, and his life to completely self, harried and tormented, so convincing that one gets as a viewer, sympathize with him. No matter what he has done. SWR/Alexander Kluge Suddenly Jakob Gregorowicz (Manuel Rubey) constantly feels persecuted …

hardness of the commissioners: you determine you not to dig up clues, they drill, they let loose: From the point of view of the suspects Bootz and Lannert like two bloodhounds, which have been dogged in their victim. And the whole in a very quiet and serene art. 10 of 10 hardness points. SWR/Alexander Kluge Actually, Jakob (Manuel Rubey) wants to play with his wife Catherine (Britta mutton stone) Tennis. But Lannert has urgent questions to his acquaintance with the murder victim. Complexity of the private life of the commissioners of 1-10: Logical not is the private of the commissioners live in “The man who lies”. They are only secondary characters.

FOCUS-Online-conclusion: It is a grueling, depressing the “crime scene”, the Stuttgart-based writing to her ten-year anniversary. But a very good one!

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