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Thomas Ammann, Deputy editor-in-chief stern, Chairman of the Foundation, star e. V.

a sentence made by my colleague Jonas Breng, reported this year for the star from South Sudan has shocked me the most: The famine, he wrote, was “the greatest humanitarian disaster since 1945”. Half of the 12 million people there are in desperate need of help. It is shocking and shameful, what is happening in this part of Africa. Thanks to your donations, we were able to help people in need in South Sudan, as well as Rohingya in Bangladesh or Syrian refugee children in Turkey – and, not least, children in need and their families in Germany.

type in The following pages an Overview of our work over the past year in which we were able to, about 330,000 euros in donations. Thus, this is also possible in the future, we continue to be on you and your generous support.

Sincerely yours, Thomas Ammann, Deputy editor-in-chief stern, Chairman of the Foundation, star e. V.

South Sudan: The fight to Survive

In the drought and civil war-stricken Sudan to try helper to save hundreds of thousands of people from starvation.


A malnourished child is from a member of staff of the “Doctors without borders” examined

©Andreea Câmpeanu

The highest inflation rate in the world, destroyed markets, unsolicited fields of the civil war means for the people of South Sudan is not only the destruction of their everyday life, but above all: expulsion and death. 3.8 million South Sudanese had to flee from their homes to save their lives. 5.5 million can’t provide alone. You are at the mercy of that arm and of the world public opinion forget.

there Can be in this hopeless Situation at all effective help – beyond protein biscuits and millet bags?

star-Reportage of East Africa Hunger and violence: How the people of South Sudan to Survive

fighting The world hunger help, about the work of the star in its report “Waiting on God” from the South Sudan reported, supports the people of the Region since 2014. Two years after the independence of Sudan, only a few months after the battle between the Opposition and the government began, trying to the organization, to the blazing Chaos of concepts for self-help. The strategy of the operation: The Displaced persons to act as quickly as possible on its own responsibility and with the hope for themselves. The helper to repair wells, build new latrines, distribute mosquito nets, cooking Sets and water containers as emergency relief.

The donation of the Foundation, star of more than 50,000 euros in the Region Panijiar, a marshy area along the Nile, in the world hunger help 70,000 people cared for. This already poor land had to absorb many refugees from other Parts of the country. The donations of money, supplies now for a year, 300 families – 1800 persons. And, even more important: you will be opened with the concrete AIDS as possible independent life.


a collection for women 50-pound bags of drag with millet home

©Andreea Câmpeanu

More than 300 women are currently learning the cultivation of vegetables on jointly controlled fields, you will get the tools and seed and can build up a small existence. The funds provided can also help families, a small home garden for self-supply.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


Because the trade came to the village markets to a Standstill, distributed, drought, world hunger relief-resistant millet and Corn seed, and paid the farmers of the area, Newcomers in the intricacies of the cultivation instruct. This has two advantages: The long-Established, often at the subsistence level, are included. And the cash boost to the trade.

in addition to agriculture, the second major project is the fisheries. Families receive fishing and nets, three of the canoes were purchased for the local fishing community, the new and the old fisherman to learn how to preserve fish as a Precaution for the next dry season.

And the is imminent. Experts warn of new Fighting, when the roads are dry and passable. The people of South Sudan, which, unfortunately, is predictable, and need more help.

“The ark”: animals as therapists

For twelve years, the Foundation star supports the work of the “ark”. The children’s Ranch in the state of Brandenburg is one of them.


“ark”-the founder, Bernd Siggelkow is happy with the children about the new facility.

©Paul Höltge/Foundation star

to play the guitar, maybe be a rock star – that was the dream of 13-year-old Anton (Name v. d. Red. cal.). But his family can’t afford to buy him an Instrument. In the children’s Ranch in the state of Brandenburg, which he attended for some time, was a supporter and wanted him to fulfill this desire. She gave his mother money for what turned out to be rapidly as an error. Because the took it for themselves. Anton remained nothing left of it.

children in poverty is a sad reality in Germany. About 40 percent of the children whose parents are on Hartz IV, go without Breakfast in the school. You will learn with a growling stomach. And often remain on the track.

children in poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany. With 5000 Euro, for example, a fall of leisure to Helgoland for disadvantaged children from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

For over 20 years, the children’s and youth charity “die Arche” in order to such needy children. Every day Thousands flock to its facilities. You will receive support with homework and a hot meal. First of all, offers of the ark were to be found only in the urban areas, there is now you, among other things, in Brandenburg, Germany. An example: the children’s Ranch. Here you can take care of the girls and boys to chickens, sheep and goats, ponies, riding, or the animals simply something to tell. So, like Anton, who reported a dog of his everyday life and his Worries and Desires, one of which is still the guitar. Such a treatment of animals that the ark employees, that knowledge can help the children to recover emotionally, and your self-awarebe strengthen.
thanks to the many loyal donors, the Foundation’s star can support this important work with 20,000 euros.

the Initiative wellcome: So it works out

by the end of 2009, the star called on to help families in need. Since then, the Initiative wellcome conveyed to nationwide sponsorships.


A painted heart as a thank you for the godfather

For the family of five Great (Name v. d. Red. cal.) the unbureaucratic help is a blessing. As a bus driver, the father earns just enough to come to terms with his family. Extraordinary expenditure, such as the knapsack to school to be a issue. A wellcome sponsorship helps with such financial constraints. In addition to the material support in discussions with the wellcome-coordinators at least as important. So the family can soon restore all to himself, was to encourage the mother to begin training. More than 9000 children and their parents could be helped. To be able to even more needy families to reach, the Foundation supports star with 10,000 euros, the Expansion of the wellcome-network.

“The ark”: and advice

The “encouragement” to accompany disadvantaged youth on their path through life.


“Mutmacherin” Shabnam Jalali in an interview with Melanie (Name v. d. Red. changed)

©Jonas Wresch/Foundation star

First of all, you don’t do more than the ready – for small problems and big crises. The social workers of the Christian children – and youth work “The ark” not at the insistence of the young people of your help, you are just there, accessible, approachable companion for Life, who know exactly when they are needed. For almost four years, the Foundation’s star is supporting the project together with the Foundation RTL – We help children. Around half a Million Euro has been made available to 120,000 euros in the year 2017. More than 100 young people found new courage.

one of them is Melanie (Name v. d. Red. cal.). The 20-Year-old has just become a mother. You take care of all the Small, you want to make it better than their parents. The father had left the family right after Melanie’s birth, the mother was suffering from the separation, and left out the frustration on the daughter. One day, Melanie “Mutmacherin” Shabnam Jalali, 42 met – and for the first Time had the feeling to be something of value.

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, every Euro that is invested in “encouragement”, at least 20 Euro of social Benefits. Because young people, the training, to later do not receive money from the state. Because the risk is reduced that you are a criminal, and because the chances that they engage later for others. Melanie has made the secondary school diploma and are now considering to be a nurse.

“, Fundación La Paz”: For life

strengthen The “Fundación La Paz” funded young women in their studies, and for child workers in Bolivia.


The young women are able to get closer thanks to the Foundation star to finish their studies.

©Jan-Christoph Wiechmann

The Uni-degree. The 77 young women who can study by using the Foundation’s star, are already preparing for the time after that. Wilma wants to be a scientist, Eugenia engineer, Mónica wants to help as a social worker for other young women to academic careers. As the scholarship of the mostly poor student expired inside, stood in for the readers of the star. Thanks to the donations of 30,000 euros for the project could be used for “education creates the future” of the Fundación La Paz, Bolivia’s capital. This helped the women to purchase books, Uni-to compensate for the Material, but also the loss of earnings that you have by the study.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


Almost all of the work, by the way, often up to 40 hours per week. They need to support their families financially. “Thanks to the help I had to cancel my studies,” says Mónica, who drags her two younger siblings, Ruben and Rocio on her own, since her mother three years ago to a cancer disease died. It belongs to the indigenous people of Aymara and will be in their large family, the first with an academic degree. “I’m also doing this to put a sign,” she says.

With a further 6000 euros supported the Foundation’s star-also a conference in La Paz on the theme of child labour. 16. to 18. October met children workers and experts from several countries to the Forum “defense of the Dignity and well-being of young children, workers.” It was on methods to reduce the exploitation of children – many still work in mines and on fields. On the other hand, the young people explained why a strict prohibition of child labour and bring nothing. Then, they argued, many of the children who would be forced to help their poor families, in illegal working conditions slide.

action For life, strengthened By Jan Christoph Wiechmann

Bolivia child labor has legalized three years ago, with moderate success. Although the number of child labourers has declined slightly. But the law provided for compulsory education is hardly enforced. “The best recipe against child labour is a good education,” says the head of the Foundation La Paz, Jorge Domic. First, progress in Bolivia are unmistakable. Aymara Indians are sitting in the Parliament, radio broadcasts, struggling against the in Bolivia, widespread violence in the marriage, and study at universities such as the 77 scholarship. The young women have found a name for himself, the Pride of achievements speaks: “Las 77”. 77.

the Initiative “Ipso”: Always have an open ear,

The Initiative “Ipso” makes refugees to psychological consultants, for other refugees.


Ahmad C. with Ipso-founder Inge miss grinding

©Severin probably

Ahmad Chihabi life knows how it feels to be foreign. Of the Palestinians was a refugee in Lebanon and in Syria, then he could be saved from the civil war to Berlin. “If no one is there to see you and take you seriously, you’re going crazy,” he says. And because there are so many refugees who are struggling alone with their memories, the trauma, and the loneliness, summed up Chihabi the decision to take care of you.

The Organisation of Ipso, for which the 27-Year-old works, will be formed at the beginning of 2018 in Germany almost 100 refugees to psycho-social consultants for other refugees. Ipso, the abbreviation stands for “Internalational Psychosocial organization”, was founded nine years ago by the psychoanalyst Inge miss meal. About 180 employees are deployed in Afghanistan.

refugee assistance Very close By Uli Hauser

two years Ago, Ipso started, people like Chihabi in Germany to train to be insightful questioners and listeners, which are close to the needs of their countrymen. “The volunteers come from 17 countries, we can offer almost all of the relevant languages help. Without interpreters, day and night,” says miss meal. The Foundation’s star supported the training of 20,000 euros in the new Ipso-location in Hamburg.

The forgotten children

The family made it out of Syria to Turkey and must now, in order to survive, send their sons and daughters to work.


Amal, 8, Dua, 6, and Aya, 9, stuck for women sandals rivets in lugs. The Syrian girl living with her parents in a basement somewhere in Gaziantep.

©Cigdem Yuksel

There are the children no longer wanted to Europe: Syrian girls and boys, sitting with their families in Turkey, because the Europeans closed the borders. Only a few Syrians living in Turkey in refugee camps, most of them all came in the cheap residential areas of Istanbul and cities such as Gaziantep, near the Syrian border. As a star Team traveled in April to Gaziantep, experienced Reporter, a parallel world in the middle of the city. In basements and backyard factories of thousands of Syrians sat in the benches behind the factory and provided cheap shoes for countries such as Iraq or Turkmenistan. In twelve hour shifts, six days a week, without protective clothing, without papers. A factory owner admitted openly that he bribe should the Turkish authorities regularly to ensure that they would leave him alone.

star-Reportage refugee children in Turkey, Nuri works for 14 years, twelve hours for a pittance – but

Shockingly, the star Reporter found, above all, the extent of child labour. The people seem to have accustomed to the fact that between the adults and children sit. Most of them never went to school – a lost Generation. These children and their mothers help offered by Caritas in Turkey, with food, with education, with the support of public education. 10,000 euros, we were able to make with your help.

Stranded in the Nothing

hundreds of thousands of Muslims fled within a few weeks from Myanmar. Their Situation in the Camps of Bangladesh is desperate.


A tarpaulin against the monsoon: The rain transformed refugee camps of Rohingya in Bangladesh, in marshy fields

©Ismail Ferdous

There were the images, these apocalyptic images, which lifted for a brief Moment the Horror in Myanmar into the consciousness of the world: wine at the end of men, bedraggled women, freezing children, exhausted Old. The atrocities committed by the army and hateful Buddhists had driven the Muslim minority of Rohingya across the border into the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. Hundreds of thousands tried, in a panic, to overcome the border river. Some collapsed to the dangerous Crossing on the shore, others dragged themselves on foot in the muddy camp.

Until today, there is a lack there at all – food, clean water, toilets, medicines. Bangladesh is too poor, the international aid to low – and the public’s attention has turned to other disasters. According to the reporting in the star, we were able to provide thanks to your donations, after all, a small contribution for the relief of Distress: With 22,000 Euro, we supported the Organisation “Doctors without borders”, a much-needed clinic.

help Nepal

The reconstruction after the heavy earthquake will continue into 2015


children at the front gate of the Stul-star elementary school

©karma flights

More than two and a half years have passed since the dramatic earthquake in Nepal, but many of the Survivors persevere still in shacks and tents. According to the National authority for the reconstruction of less than seven percent of the more than 600,000 destroyed buildings are repaired or rebuilt. The state institutions are still overwhelmed always hopeless with the management of international donations.

earthquake in Nepal, the help,

a Few days after the earthquake, a star Team in the district of Gorkha met on the small aid organisation, Karma Flights. With 75,000 euros, the star donations-readers could lead to the volunteers in this worst-affected Region is a small miracle. Within a few months, 22 schools were re-opened, about 300 emergency shelters, and many solar installations are being built.

a year Ago, the construction of the Stul-star began elementary school in the municipality of Swara. In the meantime, has started in seven classes of the class. Thanks to the ongoing donations can be funded with a further 10,000 euros a scholarship program that allows poor children to go to school.

future of education

In the North of Haiti children out of education distant families in the school.


The girls love their new school books

©Action five

How to secure the future of a child? This is the best school, education, prospects. In Haiti, only a fraction is part of the children of a high school diploma. Where the state is missing, an aid organization that is supported by the Foundation star. The school “Ecole Notre Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse” is the Initiative of a community of Christian laymen, was founded in 2001. You want to allow children in the Slums of Cap-Haitien, a port city on the North coast, the school visit. There are children whose parents are too poor to pay school fees or materials for the school visit is therefore free of charge, the school is dependent on donations.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


In collaboration with the Association “action five” supported the Foundation of the star, the Ecole Notre Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse since the devastating earthquake in 2010. For the current school year to be funded with € 5000 books and uniforms for children who would otherwise have had no Chance at an education. Thanks to this help, children can participate in the entire school year. With additional 6178 euros, the Foundation supports the building a chicken breeding. School with attached orphanage would want to buy laying hens, to give the children a better dietcurrency to offer, you can get in their families, often because of the money.

thanks to your donation we were able to support in 2017, even more initiatives at home and abroad:

The first deportation victims


The children of Lupita García visit her mother in Mexico. They live with their father in Arizona.

©Patrick Tombola

“Illegal” was shown in the USA Lupita García – Donald trump’s first deportation of victims By Jan Christoph Wiechmann

Lupita García lived as a cook, housekeeper and mother for 22 years in the United States – up from President Donald Trump. With 6000 euros, the Foundation star of the organization Puente helps to prevent separations of families. A portion of the money will be used for legal steps to Lupita back.

search and rescue of the Mediterranean

refugees are rescued by a charity from the sea off Libya, after they were found in a broken boat.

©Santi Palacios/DPA

tug, or a helper? This question had to face in the summer, the relief organizations, the refugees off the coast of Libya rescued. The star reported on the violations of the Refugees, who must often endure long days in the boats in a gasoline-salt-water mixture. 5,000 euros donated funds to the relief of the “Save the children”. On the ship “Vos Hestia” supplied the organization since 2016 is around 10,000 people, among them 1500 children.

star-Reportage boat refugees Save! Or not?

A study from Oxford University shows that, without rescue, the number of refugees in the Mediterranean sea would remain about the same. It is only the number of Drowned have increased. Given the onset of winter storms and declining refugee Save the children has completed the numbers, “” the Mission at the end of October. The star donations have helped in September.

practice without boundaries

“can We not”: the former chief doctor Peter Ostendorf.

©Marc Drewello/star

tens of thousands of people in Germany can’t afford a doctor’s visit. You must hope to never be sick. Or do you know someone like Professor Peter Ostendorf. The former chief doctor directs in Hamburg-Horn, the “practice without borders”. Together with 44 other volunteer Physicians, the 79-Year-old takes care of uninsured Sick people and Pregnant women.

practice without the limits of This doctor treated everyone – except people with health insurance By Marc Drewello

Eight subject areas are represented in the practice of ophthalmology about gynecology to dentistry. Refugees, the homeless, people without a residence permit or in the poverty troubled former self-employed – for up to 100 patients sitting in the weekly office hours. The clinic is funded exclusively through donations and sponsors. The Foundation star contributes 5000 € annually to the basic equipment of the practice.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00