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The French diplomacy has a new voice, and his area is a bit particular : the Internet. On 15 November, Henri Verdier has been named ambassador of the digital world, a position almost unique in the world. It is the successor to the former sarkozyste David Martinon, who had released this post in November 2017.

His greatest weapon ? Mr. Martinon was organized on November 12, the media coverage of the ” Paris Appeal for the confidence and security in cyberspace “. A text presented by Emmanuel Macron at the Forum on Internet governance during an event chaperoned by the united Nations (UN), and signed by 359 States, organisations or enterprises – such as the whole of the european Union, but also Google, Facebook or even the Internet association Society.

It is, to this day, the realization of the most visible of a position is unknown. But the importance of which is reflected every day a little more, at the time of the exploitation growing of the Internet by States and terrorist groups and mafia.

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