The infrastructure in Cheese for receiving debris from Moscow declared illegal

the construction of the station Sees (Arkhangelsk region) for the reception and disposal of garbage from Moscow had been built illegally, has decided Arbitration court of the Arkhangelsk region (“Vedomosti” has seen a copy of the decision provided by the representative of the court).

a Lawsuit against GBU “highways” and LLC “Technopark” was filed by the administration nearest to the station of the settlement of urdoma. Municipality asked to recognize already built “industrial Park” design for self-construction, to demolish them and bring the plot to its original view. The developer argued that it is time, not capital construction. But the court agreed with local officials and ordered to demolish the buildings (including for discharge and for water intake, a helipad, fences and storage areas) per month from the date of entry of the decision into force. The court also ordered “Technopark” to pay administration Urday 500 000 rubles requirements for the “highway” the court refused to satisfy. The decision can still be appealed. “Vedomosti” waiting for a response from the representative of the “Technopark”.

About creating ecotechnopark “Lies” became known in the fall of 2018, Then the government of Moscow and the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov has signed the investment agreement on its construction. Moscow was planning to take municipal waste in Lyubertsy, shred, sort, compress into bales, wrapped in plastic, and send it by rail to Ties. There they were to accumulate, and the land from the waste subsequently rekultivatsija.

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at the same time the investor began the construction of the first buildings. But he did not wait for a technical project, construction permit, public discussions, said the official from the administration of the Arkhangelsk region in the spring of 2019, it was only a framework agreement, and amount of capital investments is estimated in 10,5 billion rubles Investor to your fear and risk has already started construction, hoping, apparently, that the project will have all the permissions, he said. Construction was the reason for litigation.

the Idea is to take out the garbage Moscow to Arkhangelsk region from 500 000 tonnes to 2.3 million tonnes in the year-recyclable waste – caused protests of local residents. Almost a year ago in the rallies in different cities of the region was attended by nearly 20,000 people, reported local press. In April in the centre of Arkhangelsk protested over 3000 people, and activists from the settlement of urdoma blocked the road to the station Shies. Regional authorities initially did not take the claim seriously. And the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov and does the statement about the negative attitude 96% of the population to the construction of the landfill said, “Well them on figs, these figures <...> I know I’m right <...> and every shelupon that here no one to call, trying to call me a nobody. 20 years I on this earth, and I don’t care about their ratings and vote” (quoted on the website of the local STV channel). Later still take into account the opinion of local people on the construction waste dump Cheese requested the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Federal officials also spoke out against ecotechnopark. The area selected for construction lies within the boundaries of sanitary protection zones of source of drinking water, he said Rosvodresurs in response to the request of the Council on human rights under the President. The location of the landfill in such a location will violate the requirements SanPiN and lead to microbial or chemical contamination of the river basin of the Vychegda, pointed out service.

Ekotekhnopark “Lies” was not included in the scheme of waste management in the Arkhangelsk region. It also does not appear in the existing 2020 scheme of Moscow. The capital will take part from 8 million tons municipal waste that is not disposed of, and residues from the incineration in Kaluga (ekotekhnopark “Kaluga” in D. Mhave ihali, range about D. Bronzi), Vladimir (Alexandrovsky district) and Tula (near the village of Dubna) region.