art is, as known, argue. But why argue when you can just laugh together? The Internet celebrates a just unveiled Statue of the Liverpool superstar Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian artist may Abdel Allah has created the copper-colored Statue in honor of this exceptional footballer. On Sunday their work at the World Youth Forum was unveiled in the Egyptian coastal resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. The Statue is intended to show the Egyptian footballer with his famous goal celebration with open arms. The Problem: your “work of art” has great Similarity with the failed bust of Cristiano Ronaldo’s, which was established in 2017, the airport of Madeira. After the massive and sustained criticism of the Ronaldo was replaced bust in the end.

So the Internet scoffs at the Statue of Mohamed Salah

Now, even Mohamed Salah, the top scorer in the English Premier League and world football player, his own Statue was nominated. And of course, it wasn’t long until the Internet discovered this somewhat wayward work of art and mocking the Statue pounced. Some Twitter users saw, for example, a clear Resemblance to Marv from “home Alone” or the singer Art Garfunkel of “Simon and Garfunkel”.

Also in the arms of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the Statue seems to be very well.

The artist may Abdel Allah created hair also for ridicule. Which character has served as Inspiration?

an artist may Abdel Allah your Statue on Facebook

Facebook, the Egyptian artist defended her work, and showed on the basis of some of the photos of how the Statue came to be.

Posted by Mai Abdallah on Sunday, may 4. November 2018,

she wrote, among other things, that you regret nothing and you can be of the negative reactions do not impress. If you bust, such as in the case of Ronaldo – again lend a Hand and your factory needs to repair, remains to be seen.