1. A victory without sparkle

on The 6th of November last, the us democrats shouted victory in regaining control of the House of representatives during mid-term elections, snatching of 26 seats to the republicans, notably in Florida, in Colorado, Kansas, New Jersey or New York. The head of the new majority in the house, Nancy Pelosi has stated that this victory symbolised “the restoration of powers and counter-constitutional powers in the face of the administration Trump” and that the democrats would do anything to “stop the onslaught of the republicans against the health-care system of 130 million Americans and to reign without limit of the interests of the rich in Washington”.

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The ballot has been marked by a significant number of elected officials from the far left on the political spectrum and/or from minority ethnic groups and sexual. The democrats Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib …

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