Bolton prepares a bomb to trump

In the U.S. state of Washington takes place for someone, maybe romantic, but for any serious country alarm events: protesters in Seattle enclose entire neighborhoods and declare the establishment of “people’s Republic”.

anyone who wants to be behind the barricades with the sign “You are entering into the free zone on Capitol hill”, meets a patrol. Nationalists never seen, but the locals new orders in the established on six blocks of Seattle utopia already in the throat.

Directly opposite the entrance to the boarded up police station — a spontaneous memorial from the movement “black Lives matter.” Photos of victims at the hands of police. Here, too, everything started with George Floyd. Powerful black hand, fortunately, careless driving rapper Solomon Times Simon. It’s kind of warlord. With him talking to police. He personally punishes those who are unhappy.

“Domestic terrorism” described the situation Donald trump. It requires the Governor of Washington and mayor of Seattle (both he and she are Democrats) to rein in the anarchists and immediately restore order. But gradonachalnitsa in response mockingly advises the President of the United States to go back to your bunker. As if to fall, that is, not before the November elections, was delayed.

Hurry up Jenny Durkan and her party nowhere. While that works for them, and a good option against Seattle’s trump no. Disperse the commune of anarchists force accused of brutality. Leave it as it is — will be accused of weakness. Well, to win the election, according to the Democrats, trump can not under any circumstances whatsoever.

Expert on Ukrainian Affairs, Joe Biden, with frightening candor draws US to the Maidan perspective: “I know many high-ranking military personnel in the White house who say, “Look, we are not a military state.” I promise you and I am absolutely convinced that if I will win the election, they are personally escorted out of the trump White house.”

But for power trump has promised not to cling. “Joe’s not all there, everybody knows it. Sad to look at it. He created for himself a shelter in the basement and never comes out. Of course, if I don’t win, I will do others, but it will be a very sad moment for the country”, — said trump.

America is a victory for Biden, I’m sure trump will backfire, because he is weak in international Affairs. “Like China, Russia, Japan and other countries will conduct negotiations with him? Yes, our country will be nothing left,” said the US President.

However, in terms of world politics, the trump also has a personal critic. Simon&Schuster publishes excerpts of the Preface to the memoirs of John Bolton. “He saw the President, who believed the foreign policy of a sort of conclusion of real estate transactions, the result lost the opportunity to confront the most serious threats in regard to China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The United States was in the end more vulnerable,” — said in his memoirs.

the Publication of memories of the famous “hawk” was postponed several times. New date — June 23. Bolton prepares the bomb. Promises to tell that the reasons for impeachment trump was far more than the so-called Ukrainian case.

not myself, when in Twitter the local branch of the “Antifa” appeared: “We need more people with guns”. Day trunks is not visible, but by nightfall, it is possible to make such shots – a black man walks around with a Kalashnikov. Formally there is no violation in Washington state you can openly carry a gun. Another thing is that next to no police, and the territory of this Autonomous zone was not used to that.