the social democrats will get more days to negotiate before it must state whether the party can form the government.

Andreas Norlén, who is talman in Sweden, on Tuesday added more sand to the hourglass that was running out for yet another round of debates on how the country gets a new government.

It informs Norlén on the Riksdag website.

Nearly three months after the voters have put their cross, the politicians have still not negotiated a government. Three different parties have immediately failed in the attempt to get a coherent majority.

one of them – the social democrats – are trying these days in the new. And just the attempt has been granted a little extra time. Originally had the social democrats and their leader, Stefan Löfven, to Wednesday.

The deadline is now extended. In the first place, Löfven give Andreas Norlén, who, as talman is responsible for regeringsforhandlingerne, an update on Friday.

Then the plan is that Löfven will get over the weekend to run a result in the goal, as Norlén can send for a vote in the Riksdag.

– I have been informed that several parties must enter into negotiations for regeringsspørgsmålet. I have therefore judged that it is reasonable to allow time for these negotiations, says Norlén.

It is nearly three months since the voters in Sweden was to options.

In the current negotiations, trying the social democrats to persuade the two bourgeois parties Liberalerna and Centerpartiet to point to Stefan Löfven as prime minister.

The two parties have demanded a bourgeois economic policy in order to accept a social democrat-led government.

Centerpartiets leader, Annie Lööf, has previously told to the newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”, what the requirements imply. The two parties will have reductions in tax on incomes and corporate profits.

according to the two parties to be a liberalisation of the housing market and the labour market.