The special plane will return the Russians home

it is Clear that in a society different to those export sides are now returned to the country from abroad. How was it possible to go abroad in January and February, when from all over the world have come reports of a new virus and it was clear that the links here will stop?

for Example, he had a lady on last pregnancy went to the Indian resort of Goa. But the foreign Ministry has helped even the most unreasonable people. Because, firstly, they are citizens, and secondly, the same flights into the country go back to those who have been abroad for very good reasons.

When it was just beginning, it might seem that the inconvenience for tourists in Goa is that the beach is not to get. Funny! And in Indonesia, the same thing can live. But come-that of the sea.

When you have no access to the beaches, is the point then to live by the sea without the sea. But the choice was not there — traffic stopped immediately and everywhere.

“Our bags are collected, and every day we wait, when will come the signal that we were flying aircraft”, — said stuck in Nepal tourists.

They spent two weeks in the mountains of Nepal, and when I came down, the world was quite different.

“our Only wish today is to return home to their loved ones”, admit the travelers.

the border at the beginning of the pandemic turned out not to be the tens to hundreds of thousands of Russians. Different continents, countries and cities and the equally desperate situation.

“the Flight was canceled, and new tickets were burned. The borders were closed. Please, take us home!” – please tourists.

It is not only tourists who dared to travel in that time. Students and teachers, designers, accustomed to working remotely, athletes and travel — all have ended, if not money, so visa.

Faith Fefelova lived and worked in Vietnam for the last six months, the ticket was back at the end of April. The flight, of course, cancellationsor. “We had to follow the notification of flights even at night. And we got up and checked on the airline website did not put any chance our flight,” — said the woman.

In Indonesia, flights to Russia waited for more than six thousand people. Most of the tourists. Many do not have the money from the hotels they are put up.

“We were left without Finance, without a place where we could live. Addressed to the Consulate, and we really, really helped: provided housing, food. I came with a difficult situation with two children, not return to get home. If not for them, I probably would have lived on the street, I had nothing to feed the children,” — says one of the Russians.

People lived on different Islands, and each had to fly an employee of the Russian Embassy to find a fellow to help.

“We were able to negotiate with the Indonesian authorities that our people are not fined for overdue visa upon departure from Indonesia. Had problems with delivery of Russians in the airport because Bali was declared a strict quarantine. Again, had to appeal to the Governor of Bali, to our compatriots allowed to reach the airport and get on a plane,” — said Lyudmila Vorobyeva, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Indonesia.

And even just to get to the airport under the strictest quarantine, required special permission from the local Governor. And it has been received.

And if the first so-called export routes brought people most often only to Moscow or St. Petersburg, it is now — across the country.

“This is a complex scheme to establish a flight so that people can take from several countries, considering quarantine is in place and the possibility of taking sides in a set time, separate them by region so that people were placed either in Observatory or delivered to neighboring regions. A huge number of factors must converge In some countries, airports are openXia only under Russian flights. That is, in order to plant the Russian flight, which should take people, especially out by the airport employees, cook it, take the Board, carry out boarding of passengers and loading of baggage sent on Board again and close the airport,” — said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

This is our Venezuela, with more than a hundred people waited for the plane from the Motherland. Almost all travel — engineers and workers. To bring some Russians from the distant Islands, the Venezuelan authorities free a dedicated Board.

“All our citizens were issued various documents, including permission to travel by land, were assisted in fueling, hotel accommodation. Some, who had no funds, meals have been of assistance,” — said Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov, extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in Venezuela.

Germany. A group of special children with their parents. They were treated in German hospitals, and when they had to go home, the border was closed.

“We’ve been here almost three months, once a month outlasted. Did not expect, but thanks to our consulates, we’ll go home”, — the people rejoice.

the United Arab Emirates. Peru. Philippines. Nepal. India. Only last month closed on quarantine of countries managed to take more than 16 thousand Russians 16 thousand different situations and coordinated work of hundreds of experts from the ten departments.

“How many people believe me, so many lives. But there is no rules, no instructions, which would regulate this or a similar situation, when the whole world ceased to “move” when there is no regular flight, not on the ground in these countries, no transport logistics,” — said Maria Zakharova.

the Main principle of the diplomats is to help all people who wish to return home. But to bring all at the same time wouldlo impossible. And not only because of the closed borders. Many were returning from affected countries, and in regions simply do not have enough hospital beds.

“After the last two weeks of very hard work and quite a nervous condition I’m ready to appeal to his countrymen to remember about the beautiful Russian resorts, about the places you are living in such a huge country, not yet visited. Maybe next year you won’t tempt fate,” — said Tatiana Senses, the adviser-envoy of Embassy of Russia in Republic of Philippines.

anyone who goes back to Russia, at the airport check: fifteen minutes — and the results of the tests done. Flown in from the most affected countries coronavirus sent to quarantine in Observatory. Export flights abroad are waiting for a few thousand of his countrymen, and the special plane will take to the skies in the coming days.