As America turns to Ukraine

“News of the week” repeatedly cited evidence that America covers Ukrainization. That American independence came. As for the similarity with Ukraine, then here is another: in the States there is a growing market of paid services on the organization of demonstrations and even riots. A pioneer here was the Ukraine. Paid promotion there has long been in order.

note: not all street protests and riots in America paid for. But the market for such services is. For example, the site of one of the companies creating massive street protests on the order of “turnkey”. “Our top priority is absolute discretion, and our field staff to create compelling scenes that turn into building blocks of mass movements. When you need visibility of the perturbation, we can provide it at scale, while keeping your reputation intact,” — said on the website.

the Technology of mass actions can undertake training: “Our strategists can teach your organization how to prepare effective demonstrations and to simulate a situation that will ensure the achievement of your goals.”

And then — very professional and convincing to the customer: “We create scenes that change public opinion and views without any ambiguity. We take all precautions, keep confidential data about our customers and only hire the best of the best. We can guarantee that all actions seem genuine as the media and public observers.”

the Company exists since 2012. In 2017 The Washington Post wrote that protests in America. But it’s not. In troubled times such services are becoming more popular. Exactly as it was in Ukraine. Even the little things. We need to defeat the company of competitors? Why not make it forces protesters with bats and even guns. Nothing personal — just business. The same in Ukraine practiced in the attitude of politicians, movements and even for persecution of heads of state.

Again, we do not claim that all the protests in America are paid. Just under the guise of demonstrations and riots inevitably arises and the market for such services.

of Course, most of the protesters truly believe in your higher purpose. But this faith in modern political technologies it is possible to manage. Without enthusiasts, however, will not do. Dostoevsky called them “devils.” And Russia’s experience here for the world is priceless.

“We will proclaim destruction. Why is this idea so charming! But we need bones to stretch. We let the fires. We let the legends. Here every mangy pile useful. I have you in these same groups of these hunters will find that any shots will go, but still thankful for the honor remain. Well, and distemper! The excitation of this will go what the world has never seen,” — wrote the classic.

This is just the sort of “swinging” we are seeing now in America. Enthusiasts lot, and their ranks all the more bitter.

It was with this new intransigence faced editor of the “Opinions” of the main Newspapers of America The New York Times, James Bennet. The veteran journalist, who began to cooperate with The New York Times thirty years ago, simply threw out from the office only because he was in the midst of street chaos dared to publish an article by the Senator-Republican Tom cotton with a rationale for the use of the army to restore order. By the way, according to polls, the decision would be supported by 58% of Americans (the numbers publishes Forbes), only 30% against. Is Tom cotton, his position was reinforced by U.S. law “On combating the rebellious action”, which has been used repeatedly in American history.

“This is worthy of honoring, a time-honored law almost as much as our Republic does not mean the introduction of martial law or the end of democracy, toAK absurdly claimed by some excitable critics who do not know any law in our history. In fact, the Federal government has prescribed in the Constitution, the duty of States to “protect each of them from internal strife with violence”. Throughout our history, presidents have many times used this law to protect law-abiding citizens from unrest,” said cotton.

After the publication of the views of the Senator representing, for a moment, the position of the majority of Americans, against James Bennett started this persecution. And even lengthy penitential native article in The New York Times, where he said that because the Republicans have an opinion, which it would be good to see, then, of course, disagree, did not save James Bennett from dismissal. This is censorship. Congratulations colleagues.

takes Ugly forms and censorship in American cinema. Streaming service HBO Max declared that removes from your selection of films, world classics — Gone with the wind. Because of the romanticizing of slavery. We will remind, in “Gone with the wind” Vivien Leigh won the “Oscar” for the best role, Hattie McDaniel became the first black owner of “Oscar”. All Gone with the wind eight Oscars. After the censorship made the film with platform HBO Max, “gone with the wind” became a bestseller on Amazon. People are not ready to say goodbye to the masterpiece because of censorship.

According to the experience of the Soviet Union we are familiar with apartment viewings of films that will never be released on the wide screen. We know what literature of samizdat in blurry letters of a fourth copy on a typewriter “Erika”. Now we will watch as Americans are driving the “Gone with the wind” in samizdat.

Censorship is contagious. Platform Netlix and then BBC iPlayer and Brit VOH deleted from their archived Comedy shows, which aired earlier on the BBC, Little Britain. The show is based on samoronii the British and allowed myself to not always politically correct jokes in relation to minorities. There were jokes and really beyond. But the show ceased to be published regularly in 2008. It is, rather, the history of television. And it would be possible to continue to laugh at yourself. But here’s where the famous British sense of humour has changed. It was replaced by censorship.

In this way many dramatic. So here I would like to recall the conclusion of the outstanding British historian Arnold Toynbee: “a Great power not defeated. They complete a suicide.”

Text: “News of the week”